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History, A Look Back

Mr. and Mrs. Sandor Kirsche acquired the small Hungarian meat market on Devon Avenue in Chicago, Illinois, in 1973, with the thought of developing a family business. While Mr. Kirsche worked in the meat department and managed the business, his wife, Margit, worked in the kitchen along side his sister Goldie Weinberger. Together they created authentic recipes from back "home" – Hungary and Czechoslovakia.

Their son, Ira, runs Hungarian Kosher Foods today and has been involved since the very beginning. Indeed, everyone in the family has worked at Hungarian through the years, including their children and even grandchildren during the holiday seasons.

Mr. Kirsche had a vision – to provide the kosher community with a new shopping experience – ONE STOP KOSHER SHOPPING™. The Kirsche family worked tirelessly to actualize this vision.

Slowly Hungarian remodeled and expanded including the addition of kosher groceries. Hungarian had outgrown its space. In April of 1985, Hungarian Kosher Foods opened its doors at its new location on Oakton St in Skokie, Illinois.

Mr. Kirsche passed on April 27, 2007. Even at the age of 81, he continued to work at the supermarket. He left an amazing legacy. He truly was a visionary and a pioneer in the Jewish food industry. Today, Ira continues in this tradition and is constantly looking to improve and update the Kosher food business, while still holding true to our principals and to our commitment to service to our customers and the Jewish community. Ira has personally spearheaded many of the renovations and improvements Hungarian Kosher Foods has seen over the years.

Today, in the present location, Hungarian Kosher Foods, offers the consumer fresh, quality meat deli (self service and custom-cut) fresh produce, groceries, dairy deli, home-cooked foods, fish, sushi, frozen products, a health department, gourmet kosher items, and the largest selection of kosher wines available anywhere.


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