Dinner Prices

All dinners include: Farfel or Kasha, Mixed Vegetables or Green Beans & Almonds, Kishke, Dinner Rolls

1/4 Chicken Dinner
Add $0.50/person for breaded
Brisket /Beef Roast Dinner $14.50/person
Turkey Whole Dinner
Sliced add $10/bird

Additional Dinner Options

There are additional alternatives for a starch or vegetable, however they require larger minimum orders and you must see management for approval.

Chopped Liver $2.50/person
Sweet & Sour Meat Balls $2.75/person
Fresh salad w/ dressing $2.50/person
Chicken w/ noodles $2.50/person
Chicken w/ 1 matzo balls $2.75/person
Chicken w/ 2 kreplach $3.75/person
Vegetable or Barley $2.50/person
Side Dishes
Carrots orange or honey glazed $2.50/person
...as an upgrade on vegetable $1.25/person
Tzimmis sweet old fashioned (minimum 10 people) $2.50/person
...as an upgrade on vegetable $1.75/person
Rice (minimum 10 people, no charge as an upgrade on starch) $1.50/person
Potatoes & onions (minimum 10 people) $2.50/person
...as an upgrade on vegetable $1.50/person
Challah sliced 6/1# challah Bakery price
Challah rolls 2/per person Bakery price
Apple slices Bakery price
Brownies Bakery price

Prices are subject to change without notice.