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February is fast approaching and maybe that’s why it is so cold outside in Chicago. The skies are grey, there is a chill in the air that seeps into your bones and I am just waiting for the deep freeze and snow of February in Chicago. I think February is the coldest month in Chicago, but some of the employees here at Hungarian think maybe it is January. While I am not certain who is right, I do know that this week is supposed to bring really cold temperatures by the end of the week.

vegetable soup HKF

Don’t worry though. This week at Hungarian Kosher Foods, we are busy cooking all of our homemade soups – to keep you warm all week long. We at Hungarian are very serious about “homemade”; all of our soups are made in our kitchen from scratch, with the freshest ingredients from our produce and meat departments. And we have a different soup for each day of the week, including, of course, our famous homemade Chicken Soup with noodles. Chicken soup is perfect for Shabbat – or for any day of the week – and especially if you feel yourself getting a cold. Seriously, if you want to stay warm, begin your meal with a soup, or simply make a meal of one of our hearty soups with a fresh loaf of bread.

split pea soup

Our freezer is stocked with all of our soups. In addition to the chicken soup, we have vegetable beef soup, as well as a meatball soup (“peasant soup”). Then we have soups that are vegetarian: split pea soup, lentil soup, vegetable soup, and cabbage soup.

And most Sundays, we have fresh hot Vegetarian Chili.

I don’t know about you – but I am stocking up on the soups – take home one of each, so you have soup for each day of the week, and then when the cold wind blows in, you will be prepared!

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