Purim Celebrations at Hungarian Kosher Foods


Purim is in full swing at Hungarian Kosher Foods! We are ready to help you celebrate Purim PLUS on Sunday, March 12 – PURIM – we will be celebrating at Hungarian Kosher  so come in and join the fun!

Although Purim is only a one-day holiday, it is packed with fun customs and traditions, and we at Hungarian Kosher want to make sure you are all set and enjoy this most festive holiday.

Let’s review a few of the customs and how Hungarian can help to “make it happen”. If you are preparing in advance for your Purim Seudah, just come to Hungarian. We have the largest selection of kosher wines across the States, and we are on hand to help you choose just the right wine for your festive meal. Additionally, we have our highest quality meats and poultry ready for you to pick up and prepare for your meal. Just FYI, our family always roasted a duck for Purim; you can find ducks in our freezer and our special recipe in my cookbook, Food Family and Tradition. Or if you want to be free to enjoy the day, just let our kitchen cook for you – and pick up at our deli counter!

Purim HKF 7Mishloah Manot, giving gifts of food to our friends is all set for you at Hungarian. We can make baskets for you, wine and chocolates, from our choice of wines – and you can simply pick up and deliver. Or we can ship them for you also. And…if you want to make your own gift packages, come in and we are here to help! We have wine bags for the wine you choose, we have small gift size wines and also a large choice of liquors that are perfect for gift giving. We also have the boxes and Purim packages that you can use for packing your Mishloah Manot, noisemakers, and everything you might want to put into the gift box. And of course, we have Hamantanshen! We have cookie dough as well as yeast dough Hamantanshen ; we have Hamantanshen from the local bakeries and also from outside Chicago, or you can make your own dough and buy the fillings here at Hungarian.

The one custom that takes the most creativity and time (in my mind) is costumes. WE at Hungarian just LOVE this custom! So much so, that our entire staff comes dressed in costumes and we have a costume contest!

purim 2016 hkf employee costume

Finally, everyone partakes in Reading the Megillah, and we are going to be doing that also at Hungarian Kosher Foods. So if you want to join us, we will be reading the Megillah at 11 am. Come on in, join in the costume fun and each child will receive their own Mishloach Manot!



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Tu B’Shevat at Hungarian Kosher Foods


This year, Tu B’Shevat falls this coming Shevat. If you thought Rosh Hashana was the New Year, well – we love new beginnings, so Rosh Hashana (Tishrei 1) is the New Year in the sense of recognizing God and praying for a healthy year filled with all good, whereas as Nissan 1 is the New Year in the sense that it commemorates the beginning of the Jewish nation, when we left Egypt and became a nation, and Tu B’Shevat (15th of Shevat) is the New Year for the Trees of the land of Israel, the beginning of the agricultural cycle, for the agriculture in Israel. We put the greatest emphasis on the seven species of Israel: wheat, barley, grapes, figs, pomegranates, olives and dates. As well as persimmons, apricots, and nuts – the most popular song of Tu B’Shevat being “HaShkediah Porachat…” (the almond tree is just beginning to bloom….) and indeed, this year my youngest granddaughter, Shaked, is blooming and growing and turning one year old! And of course, what would Tu B’Shevat be without “bokser”, or Carob!

I just returned from Israel where it is noticeably obvious that preparations for Tu b’Shevat, the New Year for Trees, are in full swing. Dried Fruits are in abundance at every kiosk and in every supermarket, and in all the nuts and candy stores. The schools are all planting in honor Tu B’Shevat, and doing projects, including my granddaughter’s Gan, which has each child making a doll made of dried fruit. This was a fabulous idea which I would recommend you try with your children. Use different fruits for the various parts of the body – such as a dried slice of pineapple for the face…..

tu bishvat teas israelAdditionally, I saw the most enticing stand of dried fruit combinations used for tea. Simply put a teaspoon into a cup of boiling water, infusing the water with the natural flavors of the fruits – strwawberry/litchi, mixed berries, warm cider, and many more. Of course, I was entranced, and so I bought (only) 5 different varieties for my grandchildren in Israel to enjoy at their “Shabbat tea party” on Friday night/Tu B’Shevat.


And at Hungarian Kosher we are all ready to help you with your celebrations – which should be particularly fun since it is on Shabbat and so just enhances your Shabbat experience. Hungarian Kosher Foods has an entire department of nuts, dried fruits, all within our delicious fresh produce department. We have a variety of dried fruit platters, or just purchase packages of our dried fruits and nuts and make your own platters. And don’t forget to purchase some of our fruit teas, directly from Israel. Also our own homemade compote, made from the delicious fruits of our produce department, is on special sale to enhance your Shabbat meal. And please remember to purchase your bokser, so you can have a taste of the carob fruit, which is native to Israel.

And as a special gift, enjoy a 10% discount on our traditional, Gourmand World Cookbook Award winning cookbook, Food Family and Tradition, with your purchase of dried fruits.

Wishing you a Shabbat Shalom and delightful Tu B’Shevat!

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Soups On!


February is fast approaching and maybe that’s why it is so cold outside in Chicago. The skies are grey, there is a chill in the air that seeps into your bones and I am just waiting for the deep freeze and snow of February in Chicago. I think February is the coldest month in Chicago, but some of the employees here at Hungarian think maybe it is January. While I am not certain who is right, I do know that this week is supposed to bring really cold temperatures by the end of the week.

vegetable soup HKF

Don’t worry though. This week at Hungarian Kosher Foods, we are busy cooking all of our homemade soups – to keep you warm all week long. We at Hungarian are very serious about “homemade”; all of our soups are made in our kitchen from scratch, with the freshest ingredients from our produce and meat departments. And we have a different soup for each day of the week, including, of course, our famous homemade Chicken Soup with noodles. Chicken soup is perfect for Shabbat – or for any day of the week – and especially if you feel yourself getting a cold. Seriously, if you want to stay warm, begin your meal with a soup, or simply make a meal of one of our hearty soups with a fresh loaf of bread.

split pea soup

Our freezer is stocked with all of our soups. In addition to the chicken soup, we have vegetable beef soup, as well as a meatball soup (“peasant soup”). Then we have soups that are vegetarian: split pea soup, lentil soup, vegetable soup, and cabbage soup.

And most Sundays, we have fresh hot Vegetarian Chili.

I don’t know about you – but I am stocking up on the soups – take home one of each, so you have soup for each day of the week, and then when the cold wind blows in, you will be prepared!

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Chanukah Festivities at Hungarian Kosher Foods

dreidel mascot

The Chanukah season is here! At Hungarian Kosher Foods, our Chanukah preparations are in full swing! We have everything you need for your family Chanukah celebrations – including dreidels, Chanukah candles and oil, cookie cutters, paper goods, sufganiot, Chanukah cookies and to make your celebration extra special – we offer our homemade latkes.p1455593266-3-2

Hungarian is not just your “one stop kosher shop”, we are your “One Stop Chanukah Shop”.

Looking for that extra special Chanukah gift?  Hungarian has that covered also! Think about a bottle of our boutique wines, a box of gourmet chocolates a tray of beautiful dried fruit, or for a most memorable gift  we are offering Food Family and Tradition: Hungarian Kosher Family Recipes and Remembrances , the Gourmand World Cookbook Award Winner cookbook/memoir, on sale (Buy one for $35 and 2 or more for $25 each!)

food, family and tradition - front cover

We are kicking off our Chanukah Celebrations this Sunday, December 18, from 2 – 4 pm!

Lubavitch Chabad of Skokie will be at Hungarian with a craft table for the kids as well as their Dreidel mascot to entertain the kids.

Come to our Wine Tasting to find that perfect gift for someone special, or sample wines to pair with sufganiot or your Chanukah dinner.

We will also have Potato Latkes and Sufganiot to sample.

And much much more.

So mark your calendars for an event you do not want to miss!

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